Updatepanelanimationextender on updating

In this article, we will study three different techniques that allow you to visually display progress to users while performing partial-page updates using the Update Panel.

For all the three approaches, I have used a image to show a spinning gear kind of a progress bar while the Update Panel is performing some action.

As shown in the code above, we first get a reference to the Page Request Manager and then wire up the initialize Request and end Request events to execute, when an async postback begins and ends respectively.

The button that caused the postback is disabled during this event, so in order to prevent users from hitting the button again.

Another very simple option to display progress during an async postback is to use the Update Progress control.

You can read more about the Update Panel Animation Extender over definition tags call two Java Script methods respectively that are responsible for displaying and hiding the image progress bar while the Update Panel performs an update on the control.

As shown in the previous methods, we have emulated a time consuming operation by setting a delay of 3 seconds by using Thread. You can replace this code with any time consuming operation, like fetching records from a remote database or performing any similar resource intensive operation.

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I don't know if the problem in Update Panel Animation Extender fade in and out fixed in this release. I have 1 update Panel1 and 1 nested Update Panel2 with two checkboxes... I tested this by putting a post back on the main page page load handler. I have an Updatepanel inside this is a Repeater which holds another Updatepanel and inside of it is another Repeater. Scriptmanager Partial Page Rendering=true Please help, I'm going insane.For more information on the upcoming change, we invite you to read our blog post.This tutorial shows how to set up such an animation for an Update Panel.In our case, we are displaying a image progress as shown below The Update Panel Animation control can also be used to visually display progress to the users while the Update Panel is performing some operation. NET AJAX documentation “The Update Panel Animation Extender is a simple extender that allows you to utilize the powerful animation framework with existing pages in an easy, declarative fashion.It is used to play animations both while an Update Panel is updating and after it has finished updating”.The technique of hiding and showing the image also remains the same as we had discussed in Method 1.

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