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In this guide, we’ll talk you through how to upgrade/downgrade to i OS 10.2 from a lower/higher firmware, if you are one of the people who should be there. Everyone else should check out my advice for all devices on all firmwares to find out if you need to stay where you are, or move to i OS 10.2.1) Ensure you have backed up your device to i Tunes and/or i Cloud before beginning.Everyone on i OS 10.2.1 or i OS 10.3 beta who wants to jailbreak, now or in the future. I backup to i Tunes with ‘Encrypt Backup’ selected, to make sure I have a hard copy on my computer which also contains all my app passwords and email account details.

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Manually save any other data off your phone that you may want, such as your Camera Roll.

If moving from i OS 10.2.1 to i OS 10.2, you will not be able to restore a 10.2.1 backup to your device on 10.2, so make sure you save anything you want now.2) Ensure you have downloaded the correct IPSW file for your device.

*I have one of these machines still running strong (e MAC 17, to be precise) However, one foundational concept I've applied in my life is to virtually NEVER upgrade the OS from the one that comes with the machine.

Yes, Apple Stopped supporting SARFARI on OSX10.3.9 and I had Opera for a while, then the upgrade wouldn't run, and CAMINO 1.6 for quite a while -with the modern internet it has limited functionality.

As the signing window for i OS 10.2 could close at any time, the pressure is on to downgrade to i OS 10.2 if you are currently on a higher firmware.

Some people on a lower firmware should also upgrade to i OS 10.2, but not everyone. If you have an i Phone 7 or i Phone 7 Plus and are on lower than i OS 10.2, do not update to i OS 10.2, stay on a lower firmware!

\n This is one place, although the prices are rather high, in my opinion\n. \n Other resellers still carry them from time to time.\n.

\n If your machine is capable, install OS 9.2.2 instead, as it is much more functional.\n.

Do not disconnect your device from the computer until it has finished restoring and booted back up to the lock screen.11) Optional: only for people coming from lower than i OS 10.2, not for people coming from i OS 10.2.1 or higher.

If you restored instead of updating, you can now decide if you want to restore a backup onto the device.

This gives you a clean start and avoids stability issues later on.

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