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You may determine areas which need extra spacing through split A/B Tests and retaining user feedback. Also Read: 100 Clean, Simple and Minimalist Website Designs Dynamic web fonts allow designers to build webpages without being restricted to the typical font families.

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The trick is to establish a pattern of visitation, so that you can update website content often enough to reward visitors with new content every time they come to your site.

If the bulk of your visitors are coming to your site one or two times a month, adding new content several times a week is likely counterproductive; on the other hand, only adding new content every couple of months means that your visitors may notice “stale content” and eventually be turned off.

In this article I want to present 30 solid ideas you can quickly implement to make your website just that much more user-friendly.

Not all of them are based solely on front-end design.

I will also discuss popular HTML5 coding techniques which can help web parsers and spiders to categorize your data appropriately.

Not every website will need to be updated, and not with every technique available in this post.

Microsoft Visual Web Developer allows you to create data entry forms for updating records and inserting new ones into a database with only a few lines of code.

By using a combination of a data source control that encapsulates data access and controls that display records in an editable format, you can create a data entry page that allows users to edit existing records or insert new ones, all without any code.

Rising content costs can become increasingly expensive for companies that involve many people in their content and website design process.

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