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So if I select a "Test Method" Cell and click a button that table opens in a new form with just that "Test Method" (if I for example have selected a cell with the number 1, Test Method 1 will be shown in the new form). I can even change values and update it to database in the first "Products" table. Map your parameters to the columns of the associated Data Table. INPUT_TESTLIMITS' and index name 'PK_INPUT_TESTLIMITS'. This comprehensive step-by-step guide will help get your database-driven ASP.

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When you configured the Table Adpater, did you put a check mark on the checkbox Create methods to send updates directly to the database (Generate DBDirect Methods)? I got this from another forum "Your code is correct. When you ran the Data Source wizard it was unable to generate the SQL code required to update existing records.

And I couldnt find "It's kinda weird that the Table Adapter could not generate the Update statement from the Select statement.

It's kinda weird that the Table Adapter could not generate the Update statement from the Select statement.

You will be asked to give a method to this query later.

If a record can't be uniquely identified, which is what the PK is for, then it can't be updated.

TRANS is the public variable to send ID between forms ID = Form2. That is most likely because your table doesn't have a primary key.

Alex Nixon: Great tutorial - though I'm having a problem when running the update query. I got this working perfectly after I added my ID field to my Query.

I've figured out that the issue is because I'm formatting the data in the select query e.g. Get Update Command"But I can only save changes in 1 datagrid the second datagrid reverts back after I hit save. now my Question is I have tried to combine this with another of your lessons "VB.

Leslie Chow: Awesome tutorial, worked seamlessly for me. yogesh vaidya: hi,siryour tutorials are simply understandebal and great ,i need some more helps with acces data base i.e haw to use numaric desbibal and date expretion to insert and selectjanuar eko subagio: this tutorial is just great, but I have a question, what if I have several tables then I use listbox to display those tables and also datagridview to display the data from the tables, how to make change on the data and save it to the database ? in this case I'm using access databse I'm a newbie and I always get confused when I have to use several tables anyway, you're doing a great job, thank you so much Che Apache: Sorry, I have a problem I use My Sql and I have a error Dynamic SQL generation for the Update Command is not supported against a Select Command that does not return any key column information. I have a loadgrid and a loadgrid2 sub each sub has "SQL. I am an bit stuck on this section however, I can not seem to get any data to load into the Data Grid View. I have tested the statement in My SQL work bench (I'm using a My SQL server) and it works as expected.

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