Updating esxupdate database

The upgrade of v Center itself went relatively smoothly.

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I got strange “Cannot execute SQL script warning” in the first attempt of upgrading v Center, which didn’t appear during the second attempt – so I’m assuming I fat-figured an entry during the installation.

During the installation there are two new questions which previously didn’t exist in previous installations and upgrades of v Center.

Once both v Center and VUM have been upgraded, the VUM plug-in must be (re)installed before you think about upgrading your ESX hosts.

Sadly, after installing the new plug-in I got an error message saying that the VUM service was not available.

But as I was there, I decided to upgrade that also.

You should know that from v Sphere4.1 neither the v Center nor ESX host webpages have the “client download” link anymore.

This allows you to update/upgrade ESXi (only) without the need for VUM, and I occasionally use it when VUM won’t play ball…

If you plug an older version of the v Sphere Client into the new v Center – you get a standard message to upgrade the client.

During the upgrade, using the “Automatic” option didn’t seem to cause any issues…

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