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" data-src="" role="presentation" src="//static-entertainment-neu-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/sc/9b/e151e5.gif" title="Another huge population shift is happening in our cities. Obvious fact of the day: If you have a boring headline, your audience will think your entire presentation is boring.

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That could be’University Students’ or even mention the specific university you’re addressing.

Of course, this applies to ANY tribe – and it absolutely applies to YOUR tribe.

We started to get several THOUSANDS of people signing up for our live trainings how to’awesome-ize’ their presentations and videos.

We were showing people how to write better scripts, tell more addictive stories, how to have automatic’wow factors’ with their presentations, and a whole lot more.

It was time to release the ultimate list of awesome headline formulas.

Meaning that from now on, you’ll never have to worry about what headline to come up with for your video or presentation.

If you’re a professional copywriter, you’ve probably seen tons of examples of the’best .

And if you’re NOT a professional copywriter, it’s extremely difficult to understand how to apply those winning headlines in YOUR presentations.​ So here’s the exciting news.

So anytime you need a headline – just go back to this page and use the plug-n-play formulas below.

And boom, you have an instantly attractive headline.

Using heading styles means you can also quickly build a table of contents, reorganize your document, and reformat its design without having to manually change each heading's text.

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