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In this article we will look at a real-world application and examine how to push up the functionality to a remote database server using the Database Publishing Wizard.

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To follow along, however, you will need to first download the Microsoft SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard.

This article's directions and screenshots refer to version 1.1 of the Database Publishing Wizard.

This database also contains a bit of data: there are three users registered on the site and a total of five uploaded pictures.

Let's use the Database Publishing Wizard to duplicate this database schema and data on a remote server.

The prices can differ greatly, from as low as $5 per month to several hundred dollars per month, depending on features and service.

When deciding upon a web hosting company make sure that they support ASP. If you are creating data-driven applications, also ensure that the plan you sign up for includes a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Microsoft Visual Web Developer and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition make it easy to design, develop, and test ASP. In my books, tutorials, and classes, the explanations, examples, and assignments often use these tools to develop web applications locally.

After creating a usable, interesting web application, readers and students invariably ask, "How do I get this website on the Internet?

(If you uncheck the checkbox the subsequent screens will ask you what types of database objects you want to publish - database roles, schema, stored procedures, tables, and/or views - and then which specific roles, schemas, stored procedures, tables, and/or views to publish.) With our current selections, the Database Publishing Wizard will generate the T-SQL script necessary to create the database roles, schemas, tables, stored procedures, and views. The script can then be executed against your web hosting company's database server either through SQL Server Management Studio or a web page (more on this later).

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