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For many measuring techniques calibration graphs have to be constructed.

The technique is simple and consists of plotting the instrument response against a series of samples with known concentrations of the analyte (standards).

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The term "curve" implies that the line is not straight.

However, the best (parts of) calibration lines are linear and, therefore, the general term "graph" is preferred.

The unknowns are determined by interpolation, not by extrapolation, so that a suitable working range for the standards must be selected.

In addition, in the present discussion it is assumed that the working range is limited to the linear range of the calibration graphs and that the standard deviation does not change over the range (neither of which is always the case* and that data are normally distributed.

In this way an incorrectly prepared extractant or matrix may be detected (in blank or control sample). Therefore, this type of calibration is sometimes favoured when only one or few batches are analyzed or when the extractant is unstable.

A seeming advantage is that the blank can be forced to zero.

The calculation of this is more complicated and information about the standard deviation of the y-readings has to be obtained.

The gain in precision is usually very limited, but sometimes the extra information about the error may be useful.1.

The Agilent Mass Hunter Profiling software is specifically designed for expression profiling applications such as biomarker discovery.

Mass Hunter Profiling software uses a unique feature extraction and correlation algorithm, that does a better job of locating all the components in even very complex peptide mixtures.

To achieve this an appropriate programme of quality control (QC) must be implemented.

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