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So I used Linux's Partition Editor (parted), which is included in Raspbian.I went through a part of a guide by Mel Grubb (not everything, as I only want my USB Drive to contain data for now).The 'pi' user and its associated files are now removed from the system.

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The following part comes from Matt Wilcox' guide I use later on. We won't be using the desktop (we're going to run headless), and disabling the boot to desktop option will free up some system resources so the Pi performs better.

This specific part from his guide I will use right now. If raspi-config isn't open yet, type: Do the following: We'll be deleting the default "pi" user account later (for security) but right now, if you were connected to the internet your Pi would be susceptible to someone SSHing into it - because every Pi has the same default password. If you're in the UK then it's already set to use UK English in UTF8 - if not, pick the best choice for your location and if you can, a UTF-8 version of your locale. I used US-UTF8 and my timezone is in Amsterdam Your 'hostname' is simply the name of the Pi itself, you can choose anything but don't use special characters or spaces.

We have to tell Raspbian to no longer automatically login with user Pi.

We're gonna make a little change in a file called: /etc/systemd/system/[email protected] Type: The system will ask you for a password. Use the password you made for this user during the raspi-config configuration in the previous chapter.

As soon as I posted a picture of my routers, switch, USB Drive and most important of all my Raspberry Pi 2 B, people asked if I wanted to write it all down in a guide. This guide is a step-by-step compilation of all those parts I used.

I combined bits and pieces until I got what I was looking for.As we won't be running a desktop we don't need the GPU to have much memory, so we can set it to 16 - leaving the rest of the RAM free for the system to use.SSH is the protocol we will be using to access and control the Pi from another computer. Select 'Finish' - if it asks, yes you want to reboot. In addition to that a Postfix, Dovecot email server. One of the things I want to do now is getting rid of the television.The Pi will boot up and immediately log you in as the new user.If it didn't, log-in with your newly created user's details (i.e., don't log in as 'pi'). Type: This will take a little while and spit out a lot of lines of text - eventually it will say 'Done'.Raspbian will then run through its installation process. When the install process has completed, the Raspberry Pi configuration menu (raspi-config) will load.

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