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This process can take a long time for large catalogs.

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Note: The Elements 9 Organizer on Mac OS does not convert catalogs from previous versions.

If you used Photoshop Album or a previous version of Elements Organizer, and then installed a newer version, you're prompted to convert the earlier-version catalog.

When the prompt appears, select Yes to start the conversion process.

Alternatively, select No and you can convert the catalog later.

The Elements Organizer can convert catalogs from Photoshop Album or previous versions of the Elements Organizer to a format compatible with newer versions of the Elements Organizer.

For example, the Elements 8 Organizer can convert an Elements 6 Organizer catalog to the catalog format Elements 8 uses.Because the original catalog remains unchanged, you can continue to use it in the earlier version software.However, changes in the earlier version aren't reflected in the newer version catalog.When you convert an Elements 8 catalog to the Elements 9 or later catalog format, the Organizer attempts to convert facial recognition data as well.However, if any problems are encountered converting this data, an error appears.You can also initiate a catalog conversion using the Catalog Manager.

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