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Two years on – and, some might say, inevitably – the marriage has come to an amicable end and divorce papers have been signed.

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The families met and Eliza became very good friends with Ned’s younger siblings, twins Ludo and Milo.

When Ned was working at Branson’s space tourism company, Virgin Galactic, in London in the summer of 2006, Eliza spent three months in the capital on a cookery course.

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Effectively, everyone travelling with Virgin Galactic will be an astronaut because they cross the space barrier.

In 2006 the couple kissed for the first time at a friend’s party.

Twice-married Miss Winslet first met Ned on Branson’s private Caribbean island in August, when she was hailed for her heroism in carrying the Virgin tycoon’s mother, Eve, from a burning building during Hurricane Irene.

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