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There are evidences that point to the fact that mastiff type dogs were already in existence in Pakistan and India long before the British legion arrived.

These dogs have directly descended from the white Alaunt of Persia, from the ancient Persian Hyrcania dog and from the Assyrian Molossus, the legendary dogs that were brought by the Indo-Aryan invaders to the Indian subcontinent.

The Pakistani Bulldog or the Pakistani Mastiff name was given as although the breed was developed in India these dogs are commonly seen and used in areas that belong to Pakistan.

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Bully Kutta is the umbrella term for all breeds of fighting dogs in Pakistan this also includes the Indian Mastiff.

The school system in the UK can proudly call itself one of the most complicated in Europe.

Not only it is not the same across the kingdom but also the number of changes that have taken place in the last 50 years have made it equally confusing for a British person or for a foreigner. There are two types of schools in the UK: state schools where education is free and private schools where you have to pay. A long time ago when education was a privilege of the rich, the only schools where poor people could go were funded by charities (organisations that collect money for people in need).

The only thing is that private schools in Britain are called … As it was public money, the schools for the poor were called public schools. However, in the course of history many public schools became very successful and turned into expensive private schools but the conservative British continued to call them public schools.

The original Indian Mastiffs are still in existence.

This mastiff has influenced the Bully Kutta strain in southern Pakistan.Until very recently public schools were either boys or girls only.Public schools can be full boarding (pupils live there all academic year except for holidays), normal (pupils go home every day) and mixed (some pupils go home every weekend and some stay).The Indian Mastiff or the Bully Kutta was developed in the desert area of Kutch, in the Bhawalpur area of Punjab and in the Rajasthan area which is under the Sindh district.This explains why the Bully Kutta is at times referred to as Sindh Mastiff.However, children must not be left unsupervised with a Bully Kutta even if the dog is well socialized and properly trained. A Bully Kutta will lay its life on the line to protect its family.

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