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Even though I am mixed with peurto rican I still consider myself as being black I just feel that my black features are amazing especially my curves and hips. The only reason pple care is because she is famous if she was just another girl on the streets she would just be looked at as black from everyone Log in to Reply To Moon and Melanie First off this is just my opinion,but I don’t think it’s a dominant trait, I think it’s a dominant effect.

Ppl like kim k and others are really trying to be black and hook up with our black men to make half black babys which is so ridiculous. What I’m saying is you get equal amounts of genetic material from each parent and alleles are supposed to be additive.

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Just because one is “more dominant” it doesn’t change the fact that you’re still mixed.

I bet if ANYONE would go behind and study their family bloodlines we’d all be mixed!

They come up with all kinds of things,like I’m black german or dutch,just to hide their black bloodline. Log in to Reply Fuzzy; Well I don’t know why you’re telling me anything.

Like I said, it doesn’t matter if your 2 or more ethnicities.

'I love songs you can sing along to with a hairbrush, just like I did as a kid.

You know,' she continues, grinning, 'I called the album Because I Love It because that's what I always say to people when they ask me why I got into this business.People would meet me and say, "My, you're a dynamo but your album is so laid-back."' She laughs.'Well, now they're getting the pure, unexpurgated me.'Is the fact that this is the first album she's done without Rich Harrison's guidance as big a deal to Amerie as it seems to be to others? 'We could be back together again with the next album. I always carry a couple in my bag.'It's hard to imagine Beyonce producing a well-thumbed copy of, say, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland from her Hermes Birkin bag, but her love of literature is not the only thing that marks out Amerie - who also has a degree in English and fine arts from Georgetown University in Washington - from her peers.And, with the release of her third album, Because I Love It, she has moved beyond the influence of early mentors - such as 'Crazy in Love' creator Rich Harrison, who crafted her earlier hits, including 'Why Don't We Fall in Love' and '1 Thing' - to write and produce much of her own material.Her first language is Korean and she often signs her name in both English and Korean when giving autographs. Log in to Reply I didn’t even notice she was half Korean, until I found out about it like last year.

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