Who is brian urlacher dating

He became one of the 27 semi-finalists for the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame class in November.

Rumors that actress/model Jenny Mc Carthy and Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher were dating began when the two were seen leaving Mastro’s steakhouse in Beverly Hills together.

How have you introduced new relationships with the ones closest to you?

Jenny Mc Carthy may have found her "man's man" following her date with NFL player Brian Urlacher.

The actress took to the media herself on Thursday of last week at Generation Rescue autism charity event in Chicago to make the special announcement.

Although Mc Carthy did not go into detail about her relationship with the NFL star to Cupid’s Advice: New relationships are both exciting and nerve-wracking when it comes time to sharing the news with the people you love.

The Chicago player may have a lot in common with Mc Carthy who is a Chicago native and bald or not, Ulracher is anything but short.

The two were described as making a striking couple."Although the pair tried to sneak out from the back door of the eatery where an SUV vehicle was waiting, they were extremely noticeable due to the sportsman's large frame and her snappy dress sense," Yahoo reported.

Model and actress Jenny Mc Carthy has admitted that she has had trouble in the love department, but she may have finally met someone to match her requirements.

Brian Urlacher is a middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears and may just fit the requirements that Mc Carthy has in mind.

And as we all know quite well, Urlacher has a thing for curvy blondes from Illinois.

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