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But what we do know is that Bruno is going to be constantly bringing the energy throughout this whole era.

"Anytime you see us, on tour, on TV, I want to be moving ...

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She stayed with Bruno for years [heart emoji].”Source: Instagram Fans were also quick to notice that she looked pregnant in some of her Instagram posts after the rumor initially began.

But it has now been few months and there is no confirmed baby on the way.

While Bruno is notoriously private about his love life, the low-key couple still manage to sneak in photos of their sweet romance on Instagram from time to time, and they broke their private streak by attending the 2018 Grammys together, where Bruno even shouted out his love in one of his acceptance speeches.

See some of their most adorable moments together ahead.

that we can expect the star's new music by the autumn.

"Bruno has seven great new songs – I've heard 'em – but the album should now be released in September or October, to qualify for next year's Grammy Awards," he said.

Have you ever wondered who the human is that Bruno Mars would catch a grenade for? It's about as fundamental of a question as "Where did we come from? " Today, I'm here to put that existential query to rest. The Spanish Harlem-born Nuyorican model has a history of killing those modeling competitions. She was this close to being the face of Lopez-brand velour short/hoodie sets.

But before we get into her relationship with the Broonz, let's get to know Caban a little better.

The Hawaiian singer was initially planning to release the collection back in March, but joining Coldplay and Beyoncé for the Super Bowl halftime show in February pushed everything back.

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