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on cloud 9 with his new girlfriend, Latina pop star Belinda Peregrin.

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I’m coming home #Long Island #New York where I grew up, literally and where it all began. I literally use to pass the @Tilles Center with my Aunt Stella all the time. 🔥😱 Tickets are selling out again in record speed for #Criss Angel #Raw - Sold thousands for #PA alone in just the past three days... Get Tix Fri, Mar 9 at 10am Gonna Be Crazy PA😱 twitter.com/fmkirbycenter/… Without brave men& women who have sacrificed their lives we wouldn’t be able to disagree, protest & voice our opinions even if it’s against our own country. #Global #freedom should be EVERYONE’S right🌏 Craziest show I’ve ever seen!!

Dear Criss, ​Congratulations on being presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from The @IBMMAGIC We are both proud and fond of you.

Criss Angel is doing a different type of levitating these days ...

We broke the story, Criss married baby mama Shaunyl Benson in 2014, but we're told they've divorced in October 2015.

We reached out to Criss' camp, but they had no comment. we're told it's super serious, but Belinda's still got a ways to go when it comes to going pro in the magic world, judging by the vid.

#love this - #fullcircle - let’s party together & I’ll blow your mind! What a great #fun #family day at @Monster Jam #world #finals here in #Las Vegas -Thank you Mr. pic.twitter.com/r PTm BSBMJz Going back to do #Criss Angel #Raw on the East coast is gonna be awesome - it’s where my dream began when I use to walk the AC boardwalk in the 90’s... Thx @Criss Angel for the special shoutout you gave me in your show and thx @Tony Orlando for introducing us..can’t wait to work together @Criss Angel #mindfreaklive #Stay Strong Finish Strong #NFQ pic.twitter.com/GRFt MUl OSW Thx @trishapaytas for the very kind heartfelt words...

Feld, Steve, Drivers: Adam #Gravedigger Bryce #Mohawk Warrior & entire staff for the amazing hospitality. I’m planning two things for you this year and a movie I’m shooting next year to participate in...

He was in the bathroom for that hour and a half with my bag going through every single thing: every lotion, razor, deodorant, shampoo, makeup.

known by the stage name Criss Angel, is an American magician, illusionist and musician.

Watch her #Criss Angel episode now youtu.be/ffs Qul GEc P8 👍👍 Happy 4th Bday🎉to the future’s biggest magician of all time Johnny Crisstopher😍He wants to learn straight jacket so we made.

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