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Had it been anybody else that he decided that he would like to take up a friendship with it would have been okay. “That’s not my business that’s between him and Amber, and to be honest if they decided to remarry or get back together, whatever the situation, I would totally respect it and be for it as I’ve spoken on my radio show. “Instantly whenever I’m seen with someone they are automatically considered — not even that it’s my dude, they just jump right to sex.

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I look at people like Tom Joyner or Steve Harvey, Howard Stern, even Wendy Williams who started in radio.

And my mom’s been in gospel radio for the past 28 years…

This eventually led to folks questioning the timeline of their “relationship.” Especially considering that Amber Rose just announced her split from Wiz this summer and cited infidelity as the reason for their marriage being over. I don’t know why they divorced,” she told Bijou Star. “I don’t want to hurt anybody.” *side-eye* Watch Deelishis’ full interview below.

However, the reality star-turned-radio-host insists that she’s no “homewrecker.” “He’s not married. “I don’t know why females have this issue with Deelishis. I haven’t wrecked anyone’s home.” She also insists that she would be in favor of them getting back together.

Has Stevie J finally moved on from Joseline Hernandez for real? A lot of social media speculation has alluded to the fact that these two are coupled up.

The hype started when the two hosted a party together at the Blue Flame Lounge in Atlanta.

#baescoop A post shared by Celebri TEA Scoop (@celebriteascoop) on The plot thickens though because there is a photo floating around of Deelishis with Stevie’s daughter Sade, allegedly from the teen’s personal Snapchat.

Davis was a contestant on the second season of VH1's Flavor of Love (aged 26).

Not only was it accepted but it was embraced and it was duplicated.

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