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It’s got a military feel, grommets running all the way up, from the front up to the top of the thigh. When Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso renewed their wedding vows in St.But in a light way, not an industrial-looking way, with a leather lacing running through it. She looks like she’s General Beyoncé for the night in that boot.” Sexy. Closeup view of those#Matthew Terry Abs 4 Calvin Klein! UNEASY RYDER Generation X poster girl Winona Ryder was chilling with a couple of pals and drinking margaritas in Williamsburg early Sunday evening when she found out even jaded hipsters aren’t immune from being starstruck. PHOTOS: WHERE IS WINONA RYDER AND THE STARS OF 'REALITY BITES' THESE DAYS? Lucia over the weekend, Barroso’s gown was made by designer Naeem Khan, as was the dress she wore to the previous night’s rehearsal dinner.

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There was nobody to navigate me through the experience of being watched all the time and nobody to tell me how to be normal when everybody is acting and looking at me differently.” The mag hits newsstands April 23.

WEITZMAN REBOOTS BEYONCÉ Stuart Weitzman has the lucky job of designing Beyoncé’s shoes for her upcoming “The Mrs.

“I swear at first I thought she said Evan (my brother, a singer, who was also there). Plus, when you’re nervous, it’s hard to hear, it’s hard to breathe, and it’s hard to be present.

But then I realized she said my name, and before I could think, I was walking toward the stage! These are all important things when you are singing! Tracee also paid homage to her mother, writing, “All my life I have witnessed her as Diana Ross the icon and Diana Ross the mother, and I have experienced her seamlessly bridge this incredible dichotomy with grace and ease.

Diana Ross has a sweet, sweet love hangover — for an adorable new granddaughter!

The legendary 68-year-old singer's daughter, Chudney Ross, gave birth to a little girl named Callaway Lane in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

When we caught up with Motown mastermind Gordy at Roseland Ballroom, he was man enough to talk about a scene in the play where he wasn’t … At one point in the show, after Gordy tells Robinson he’s going to spend a night in Paris with Ross and “knock it out of the ball park,” Ross is seen comforting Gordy in bed, when he apparently failed to step up to the plate. That was so embarrassing,” Gordy said elusively, when asked about the scene’s historical accuracy.

Ross, standing by Gordy’s side, interjected with a clever grin, “Yes, it did.” Gordy looked us in the eye and conceded, “Yes, it happened.” But Gordy and Ross did go on to produce countless hits together, and in 1971 they produced a daughter, Rhonda Ross Kendrick.

MANILOW CLOSES EARLY AT ‘CINDERELLA’ Barry Manilow isn’t a fanilow of Broadway’s “Cinderella.” On Saturday, Manilow, in town auditioning actors for his new show, “Harmony,” took in the show with a friend, but was so bored he bailed at intermission. “The whole time he was restless and clearly not having a good time. On Sunday, Manilow appeared at a benefit on 23rd St.

in Chelsea for New York Theatre Barn, where three personal photos were auctioned to raised over ,000 for the nonprofit company. THE ART OF BEING LEONARDO He may be King of the World now, but Leonardo Di Caprio says in the upcoming issue of Esquire that he always saw himself as “the underdog” and that becoming famous came with a learning curve: “There was no rulebook.

There is a way in which she creates privacy and makes space for the sacred in the most public of settings.

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