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We've been obsessed for 5000 years of civilization and people are still being murdered – in Uganda they were trying to sentence people to death.""No matter what sex or sexuality, how you self-identify, or who you fancy, matters not one whit – what do you do in life?

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Join me for today’s Love U Podcast on what makes a man a good first date. So handing out private emails and numbers isnt the best idea.

If you suspect that dating might be more fun if guys “got it”… Just with my phone # and first name he found out where I lived. I do not want a strange guy knowing anything about me until I know more about him.

Transgender comedian Eddie Izzard prompts speculation after being pictured with a plumped chest – but is it just a padded bra?

Eddie Izzard: ‘Everything I do in life is trying to get my mother back’. Eddie Izzard: Coming Out Gave Me The Confidence For Everything Else. Eddie Izzard: It took me 30 years to deal with coming out as transgender.

He refuses to put his name forward for 2016 “because I’ve spent so many years putting this career together.

If I’m going to pack it away or put it into hibernation, I need to pack it away correctly.“There’s just some stuff I need to do before then.

Also told the egregious lipstick-wearing comedian Eddie Izzard (see Losers) to ‘shut up’ when he was shouting the odds about Remain, and gave short shrift to London Mayor Sadiq Khan when he tried to smear Leave as ‘Project Hate’.

It’s taken six years, but the plain-speaking Rochdale pensioner, famously branded a bigot by Gordon Brown after challenging him on immigration during the 2010 election campaign, has finally been vindicated.

Comedian Eddie Izzard has revealed that the abuse he receives in the street for being a transvestite has got so bad that he has resorted to physically fighting off assailants.

Izzard, 52, said the verbal assaults he has endured from members of the public had toughened him up for the world of politics, as he prepares to run for Mayor of London in 2020.“I’ve had people attack me on the street, I’ve had people shout endless abuse at me,” he told the Radio Times.

So I didn’t turn screaming from that, which I was very happy about.”Izzard has spoken openly about his transvestism in his stand-up comedy shows since the 1990s, but now spends more time in what he describes as his “boy mode”. I just would have been there, I would have got to D-Day.“I don’t know how I could prove that, but I just would have wanted to do my bit.

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