Who is hayley williams currently dating

Later on, she was featured in 'Airplanes ' and 'Airplanes II' by B.o. On Paramore's fourth studio album, Paramore, she was the main songwriter for the entire album and had done songs with the other members of Paramore, along with the studio album producer, Justin Meldal-Johnsen.In 2013, she was featured in the Song 'Stay the Night ' by Zedd.

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"We didn't know if it would look bad," says Williams.

"We were so young, and it seemed like it would look like a big joke," Josh adds.

She posted a photoshopped snap of the happy couple as they might look on their wedding day, along with caption, "Hey guess what?

"Gilbert made sure the news went wide with a message from his Instagram account. "Messages of congratulations soon flowed in from the pop community.

Shortly after arriving, she began taking vocal lessons with Brett Manning.

Paramore continues to endorse Brett Manning today, with an ad for the business running on

While still in school, she tried out for a local funk cover band called The Factory, where she met bassist Jeremy Davis.

Williams introduced the boys together, and Paramore began.

Hayley had created the song 'Teenagers ' by herself as a track for the film Jennifer's Body.

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