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It is already recommended that vegetarian and vegan mums-to-be take special care to ensure they get enough of certain nutrients that are found in meat and fish, such as vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron." Some vegetarians experience B12 deficiency while pregnant, as the vitamin is mainly available from meats and shellfish.As such, the implementation of vegetarian foods that are B12-rich along with more widespread use of supplements could prove beneficial for pregnant vegetarians.At Marvel in New York in the '60s, he created the comic book characters that dominate the box office today.

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“Among Western populations infants of vitamin B12 deficient mothers have poor brain growth, developmental regression, irritability, thrive poorly and demonstrate residual deficits in cognitive and social development,” said Dr Hibbeln.

The NHS also pointed out a number of limitations in the study, relating to participation, adjustment for socioeconomic factors, and the reliability of the self-reporting of substance use and abuse.

However, misinformation about vegan diets is still an issue. Check out Fiona Oakes, who achieved three marathon world records in 2013, and is missing one of her kneecaps.

The good news is that all it takes to debunk these myths is a quick Google of the phrase ‘vegan athlete’. Look up Tim Shieff, multiple time Ninja Warrior champion who can casually bust out a 100km run. Take a look at Patrik Baboumian, who smashes weightlifting records and is built like a Lord of the Rings cave troll.

Far from dying of any kind of nutrient deficiency, Maria succumbed to altitude sickness.

This is caused by ascent to high altitude, where the oxygen in the air becomes thinner, resulting in hyperventilation, nausea and exhaustion.

Remember the World Health Organisation’s report last year on the carcinogenic properties of processed meat?

The evidence around the disease preventative qualities of the vegan diet is now extensive.

Such titles show a shameful lack of sensitivity, and are perhaps written with Facebook’s new ‘haha’ button in mind.

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