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It’s like being in high school with people spreading rumors. It depends on how busy your partner is and how understanding they are.

If you’re seen with the opposite sex, people believe that you’re having sex, but that’s not always true. When you’re in the studio until 8 a.m., your partner may assume because of the time that something is going on.

R&B singr Mya attended the Mercy For Animals' Annual Heroes Gala in Los Angeles yesterday - and she looked AMAZING.

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A to an Afro- American father named Sherman, while her mother Theresa was of Italian descent.

Born and bred as an American citizen, Mya belongs to black ethnicity.

Although there are not any nude pictures of hers on the media, she does have some sexy photos that you can find.

She also has an Instagram account where you can see her latest photos.

Having been in many different relationships over the period, she hasn’t been married till date nor has been divorced.

Her relationship history started with her dating Silk the Shocker, in 1998 and they broke up in 2002.Mýa Marie Harrison is an American RNB artist, record producer as well as an actress who was born on the 10th of October 1979 and is currently 37 years of age. Coming from a musical family, she started her interest from the age of 5, when she was urged to play her father’s guitar. Her father was involved in a musical group as a singer, and she was brought up in a celebrity lifestyle along with her two younger brothers.There, you can also find the dates of her tours and also reserve your seat online.Otherwise, you can view her songs, music videos and interviews as well on her You Tube channel.As far as the city is concerned, everyone is on ATL so I went to Houston and I like that vibe.

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