Who is poonam dhillon dating

She joined the India's main opposition Congress party and stayed, as she says, "pretty inactive" for two years.This year, she joined the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

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"They will not make any difference to how the people vote. The voters' attention span is also very small these days," he says. Poonam Dhillon, for example, says she will continue to do television and theatre even as she pursues a political career.

"I will keep time off every month to pursue politics long term.

This election is like a plot-less, message-less political movie which needs extras (politicians) to liven up the proceedings," sociologist Shiv Vishwanathan told BBC News Online.

Many of the stars who have joined parties seem to be ignorant about important events in Indian history, or even their party's political allies. 'Couldn't handle it Bollywood's tryst with politics has been chequered so far.

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"Previously, film stars did not read anything or show interest in politics.

Today, they are educated and understand politics," says Mr Reddy.

One exception is Govinda, a popular comic hero, who is contesting against a powerful federal minister in a Bombay constituency.

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