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The second trailer came out today, and you can take a look at it below.

Edgerton is the first orc on the police force and becomes Smith's partner.

The movie releases on December 22nd, just in time for the holidays.

While Ayer didn't point to any specifics himself, producer Eric Newman did make a comment about one thing that everybody agreed would have been different if the movie hadn't been made at Netflix, the rating: The PG-13 rating is the studio sweet spot because it allows the largest group of people to attend the film while still allowing the theater to put as much in the movie as possible.

Limiting the audience only increases the difficulty in making the money back.

That’s a very strong number - and only slightly less than Stranger Things’ episode one high, which managed 15.8 million in its opening days.

Bright comfortably trounced The Crown, which amassed around 3 million US viewers in its first weekend when season two returned earlier in December.

And yet, none of those surprises caught us as off guard as our first look at David Ayer's The trailer, released by Netflix, shows Smith as a cop operating in a world where humanity exists alongside Orcs and Elves.

Smith's character, Scott Ward, must team with Nick Jacoby (Joel Edgerton,) the first Orc cop ever, in order to stop a powerful wand from falling into the wrong hands.

Another went so far as to say: “Im sitting here thinking did the critics watch the same film as i did?

The film received near-unanimous bad reviews from critics, with one even calling it “the worst of 2017”.

Still, that didn’t stop Netflix subscribers from flocking to see it in their millions.

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