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Lawrance meets another woman, aged 54, through and asks her if he can come and see her.

The pair go out for drinks and then return to her home in Lincolnshire, where he asks if he can stay over.

Here Andy Dolan documents his reign of terror: The pair exchanged mobile numbers and private email addresses and went on four dates, enjoying drinks at country pubs and never sharing more than a goodbye kiss.

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The pair get into her car drive back to the hotel car park where Lawrance 'becomes aggressive', leans across to kiss her and grabs her right breast.

Lawrance meets a woman via the website and they have consensual sex in a hotel in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, before going out for a walk and a meal.

Jason Lawrance targeted thousands of users, raping five and sexually assaulting two more.

Three attacks took place after he married a woman he met through the dating site.

She agreed and, after enjoying a pub meal together, they returned to her home.

She took the precaution of asking her 18-year-old son to stay in.

Lawrance meets up with a sixth woman in a Leicestershire hotel, tells her 'this is what you want', tears her top off and rapes her.

The victim, aged 48, says in interview the one thing she remembers the most from the attack is the sweat from Lawrance dripping into her eyes.

The woman agrees on the condition that he sleeps on the sofa.

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