Wrestlers dating other wrestlers

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Swagger and Hager have had two kids since getting married.

The female wrestler also known as Eden, has kept her private life in the ring.

But it would prove to be a wrestling match made in heaven when Lee and Punk eventually locked horns.

It didn’t take long before the two of them got married and retired from the game.

Daniel Bryan asked for her hand in marriage and without hesitation, she said yes to him in 2014.

Even though Brie and Nikki gave themselves the reputations of being WWE heels, Bryan was able to tame the beast and give Brie some much-needed love from the fans.Mother of three Kim Kessler started dating Orton in 2014.The couple made their relationship public when Orton took Kessler to the WWE Hall Of Fame Induction ceremony of that year.The couple met in high school and despite numerous rumors of infidelity on both sides of the relationship, all speculation has been squashed by both Lockhart and Jericho.They reassured fans that they have always been faithful to one another and Jericho even got a tattoo of her name on his wedding ring finger. While Randy Orton is one of the most famous wrestlers on the planet, his wife is not so well known.Despite his turbulent personal life, Bray Wyatt is still a mainstay on WWE Raw.

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