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The TCO however insist that they cannot consider each year separately and further more will not take into account the deductions paid back to NASS. The premise is not that they can not work - rather, that many people have tried them, or thought of them, but they have not worked as of yet. "Yes I have," said the farmer, and then added: "So far."This just got me thinking that dating sites definitely fall into this category.

He records them on paper, puts it into excel the next day and A/B tests. A tool that automates all this could be very useful for those of us less willing to devote large amounts of time to picking up women.

The amount of time it takes him to put this into Excel is miniscule compared to just having a conversation with a single woman.

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The client worked for part of this period, recieved NASS for part of it and recived nothing for the rest of the time.

Just to make it even more complicated, the client has lost his NASS35 confirming total NASS payments made when NASS stopped, the home office don’t see why they should issue another and havent reponded to my letters and calls and the TCO insist that they cannot proceed without it.

I was actually surprised to find this as my gut feeling was that you can’t have a claim backdated under one provision - which you have identified - and then apply to have it backdated for the same period under another provision.What's really driving his success is his persistence (it's a numbers game).The problem with "bringing pick up artist techniques to the masses" is the same as the guy/girl ratio notification tools.Actually, a tool bringing pick up artist techniques to the masses might be useful.I know a guy who does record assorted details of approaches (various sketches/openers) and outcomes (dissed, phone number, base #, etc).We're very poor in making comparisons based on absolute factors, so we make our decisions based on relative comparisons.

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