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Like at Harvard, Columbia organizers pursued one larger, unified union.

Bill Jaeger, director of the Harvard Union of Technical and Clerical Workers, said that microunits in certain departments can inspire workers in departments that are not yet unionized to form a collective bargaining unit.

The University and the Harvard Graduate Students Union-United Auto Workers are in the process of presenting evidence about objections filed by both parties to the November unionization election.

Yale, on the other hand, attempted to organize what the NLRB calls “microunits”: smaller, departmental unions within the same company or organization.

Yale students were able to unionize in microunits because of a NLRB decision in 2011 that allowed departments of organizations to form separate unions.

Harvard union organizers explain their decision to try to form one larger union by asserting that students across different departments share similar employment conditions.

But Yale organizers argue that individual departmental unions would let Local 33, the union that represents Yale graduate students, effectively serve its members.

“It wouldn’t be a theoretical conversation, it would be here’s what we’ve done in other departments,” he said.

Although six Yale departments voted to unionize, the fate of Harvard’s election remains unclear.

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